The subtlety of the Pinot Noir

  • Blending composed of 100 % Pinot Noir (grape must) classified Premier Cru
  • Manual harvest 2009
  • Aging process: five years in wooden barrels
  • Alcoholic fermentation is blocked by an alcohol “fine” of champagne

Tasting notes


The nose is fresh with cherry and candied citrus notes. Our Ratafia develops ginger-breads aromas, rose flower jelly and bitter orange marmalade flavours.

We can define the nose as a velvety, warm, full and round nose. In the mouth, aromas of rose jelly and candied fruit are discovered. The palate is greedy, fresh and elegant, with an incredible aromatic length, with hints of fig, pineapple, mocha and blood orange.

The finish is concentrated, slightly heady and very aromatic with notes of almond, fig and hazelnut.


Wine and food pairing


This Ratafia is appreciated on a pan-fried liver or a cheese of character such as Gorgonzola or Langres. We can also recommend it for dessert on a “tarte-tatin” with a hint of cinnamon or a chocolate mousse.

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