“First and foremost, I craft wine.

The champagne comes next, to my very great pleasure.”

Laurent Champs

The philosophy

Laurent Champs is shaping the future, instilling the house with constantly renewed energy. He shares his independent spirit and pursuit of sound intuition with his team, guiding them in crafting an outstanding champagne.

Attentive to the smallest details, meticulous and sensitive, the cellar master pays particular attention to the emotions procured by the wines he crafts.  Over the years, the house has forged a strong and remarkable identity. The quality and subtlety of its wines are now universally recognised.


Laurent Champs and his team are guided by the pursuit of excellence at every stage of the crafting process, which requires patience and precision.

During harvesting, each cluster is carefully hand picked so that only the best fruit is selected, with the grapes kept intact until they reach the traditional pressing shed. Settling is achieved by gravity to preserve quality; the juices are then delicately transferred to oak barrels and foudres (large oak casks), where primary alcoholic fermentation begins.

This is one of the house’s characteristics: vinification of all cuvées takes place in wood, which gives the wines their particular character, providing body, fruit, roundness and subtlety.

Another characteristic of Vilmart champagnes is the absence of malolactic fermentation. This preserves freshness, tautness and subtlety, as well as the pronounced identity of the aromas.

After 10 months of vinification in wooden barrels, the wine is bottled and left to age in the estate’s chalk cellars: three to four years for non-vintage champagnes, and five to eight years for vintages.

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